Saturday, January 24, 2009

52 Pieces of Me.... Week 3 and 4

I did one for week 2, but it's a very personal image that I only shared with my close friends, I did not feel comfy posting it here (sorry!)

I was sick for most of week 3 so I didn't get to take a Picture, so I am counting this one as week 3 and 4's, and yes I can do that!

So this is me being me, I'm a big ole kid at heart, Jordan got this Skateboard for Christmas and being me I had to ride it right away, on Christmas morning I hopped on the board without a moments hesitation, only to fall flat on my butt, umm I guess I was a bit rusty! I came up laughing though, and like I teach my children, always get back up, it took me a little bit to try it again (in my defense it has been COLD!) but I got back up and showed the kids, even if you fail at it once, you continue to try. And heck yes I was scared I would fall again, I am Def not a real kid anymore, I was sore for two weeks after my fall!


Brian said...

At least you didn't fall the second time :) Love ya!