Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Sneak Peek for Miss R and Mr J

Can we can gorgeous? Because I cannot think of another word to describe this pair of siblings. We spent Friday afternoon downtown and just had so much fun together. Even the kids commented on how much more fun shooting outside was compared to going to an indoor studio. They just went along with anything I wanted to do and I never heard a complaint, Mr J needed just a little time to warm up to me as he was acting shy that day, but he came around! Miss R though, totally not shy and even put on a petti for me even though she's not a girly girl she says!

So P I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of the kids, I'll let you know as soon as I get the full gallery ready. Thanks for spending the day with me and it was a pleasure photographing them!

(click any of the images to view them larger)

Monday, April 13, 2009

S and J, here is your sneak peek!

I had to pleasure of Photographing my first set of twins Thursday Evening, although they were both really sore from playing softball the day before, they were really good sports and did everything that I asked of them.

(click on any image to view it larger)
Miss S

Miss J

One of them together

I'll call you as soon as I have your full gallery ready for viewing, hope you enjoy the sneak peek and I hope you both had a great Easter and Spring Break!

Little Miss C, here is your other sneak peek!

I was able to meet up with little Miss C again on Thursday for our outdoor portion of the session, again, she was the sweetest little thing! The weather was so much nicer then it was on Tuesday, and her mama brought some great outfits!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! (click on any image to view larger)

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sneak Peek for Little Miss C!

I had the pleasure of Photographing little Miss C today, C was born at 28 weeks and besides being just a little petite (and hey nothing wrong with that!) you would never be able to tell. She was all smiles and a pure joy to photograph.

Today was suppose to be a combo shoot, both studio and on location, but wouldn't you know Mother Nature had other plans! It was so cold and it snowed off and on all day. /sigh So we are going to do the rest of the session another day.

Here are three that I pulled out so far.

(Click on any image to view them larger)

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the winners are....

First off, thank you to everyone who voted, I know it wasn't easy as each and every one of these kids are adorable, so thank you for voting!

Group 1- Newborn to One Year-
First Place- Little Miss C
Second Place- Little Mr T
Third Place- Little Mr P

Group 2- One Year One day to Four Years
First Place- Little Mr G
Second place- Little Misses K&K
Third Place- Little Mr E

Group 3- Four Years one day to eights years
First Place- Little Miss K
Second Place- Little Miss R
Third Place- Little Mr J

Group 4- Eight Years one day to 13 years
First Place- Little Miss D
Second Place- Little Miss M
Third Place- Little Mr J

Group 5- 13 years 1 day to 18 years
First Place- Mr J
Second Place- Miss C

Congratulations to all the kids and families!

Now what you all have been waiting for, the prizes! Winners were chosen by random.

Ultimate Grand Prize-
(1)- 16x20 Canvas
(1)- 5x7 20 page soft cover memory book
a $325 value

Little Miss C from the newborn to one year group!
Congrats C, I'll be in touch to schedule your session soon!

Second Place Prize
(1) 11x14 Canvas
(1)- 4x6 20 page soft cover memory book
a $250 value

Little Miss R, from Group 3!
Congrats R, I'll be in touch to schedule your session soon!

Third Place Prize-
(1)- 4x6 20 Page Soft cover memory book

Little Mr P from Group 1!
Congrats P, I'll be in touch to schedule your session soon!

Remember all of those who placed first Automatically win a session with me, those who took 2nd place but didn't win a prize will receive a $75 credit to Marie Champion Photography, and those who took 3rd but didn't win a prize will receive a $50 credit to Marie Champion Photography.

Remember winning sessions must take place within 30 days from the end of this contest.

Fresh Faces, please read.

Hey all, just wanted to let you all know I'm battling the flu and going to go ahead and close the polls now instead of at midnight where I can work on it now instead of trying to work on it that late being sick.

Thanks for understanding!

So stay tuned the winners will be announced soon!