Tuesday, January 6, 2009

52 Pieces of Me.... Week 1

Yea, 52 pictures of me, wonder if I can keep up with it?

Some of my Photographer friends have started a 52 pieces of me group, I joined, the woman that hates being in front of the camera, umm yea me, I think I may be crazy! but I'm always up for a good creative challenge, but really how many Self Portraits can one person take? Well I guess 52 is the answer since we are to do one a week. It's only the first week and I am already slacking, this may not go to well LOL. However I do have a couple ideas, they should cover the first month after that well... we will see.

Thankfully though, these girls are my motivation, and we always inspire eachother and who knows, maybe I will learn something new about myself during this process? Many of my wonderful Photographer friends who are also doing this challenge are on my blog list on the side, some are blogging it some are not, but make sure you check out their links to see what they come up with! We've had some great entries so far!

One Thing I love, One Thing I hate...
I love my lashes, always have, they are thick and long, I don't even have to wear mascara.

I hate the scar on my nose, I had a small cyst grow there while I was Pregnant with my 2nd child, I had it removed once and it grew back, so they had to remove it again.



Tracey said...

love the lashes. maybelline should be calling!

Jill said...


but im with you, i think i got the first month covered .... LMAO