Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sneak Peek for Miss R and Mr J

Can we can gorgeous? Because I cannot think of another word to describe this pair of siblings. We spent Friday afternoon downtown and just had so much fun together. Even the kids commented on how much more fun shooting outside was compared to going to an indoor studio. They just went along with anything I wanted to do and I never heard a complaint, Mr J needed just a little time to warm up to me as he was acting shy that day, but he came around! Miss R though, totally not shy and even put on a petti for me even though she's not a girly girl she says!

So P I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of the kids, I'll let you know as soon as I get the full gallery ready. Thanks for spending the day with me and it was a pleasure photographing them!

(click any of the images to view them larger)


deb thompson said...

Cute captures. Love that red door.

Laurie Terry said...

Wow, they are beautiful children. I love that red door you chose to shoot them on. Gorgeous!

Jane Eaton Hamilton said...

Beautiful kiddos. They're lucky to have found you. Great door.

Jane Eaton Hamilton said...

These kids are soooo cute.