Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Miss "K" here is your sneak peak!

Brrr... today was sure a chilly one, but little miss K was a trooper and braved the chilly air to have her picture taken, well that is until we went to the Studio where it was freezing! (broken furnace, lovely huh?), so we rescheduled the Studio Shots for a later date until I can get in there and make it all nice and warm for her.

K is definitely a little character, and one of the best behaved 2 year olds I have ever met and she is super cute.

N, A and Grandma, I hope you enjoy your sneak peak and once again, sorry it was so cold! I hope K is feeling well after her Dr's appt.

(click on the image to see it larger)

N, I'll be in contact to schedule the studio session, the outdoor gallery will be up by the weekend, I'll email you once it's up and ready for viewing.

Thank you for coming out and having some fun with me!


Cristal said...

What a cutie! Love her adorable outfit!
Great work~

Selena said...

All of these are AWESOME! She looks like she's genuinely having fun! I love her coat & the pretty leaves. These are wonderful!

Courtney said...

Those are super cute. I epecially love the last three. I would get that close up on a canvas if it were my little one!