Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time to vote for the Fresh Faces!

Thank you to all that entered!

In the Newborn to 6 month group I only had one Entrant, so he automatically gets entered in the Grand Prize drawing! But I can't not post his picture for all to see, so here is little "T"

I had no entrants in the 6-12 month category

I have the following Entries to the 1-3 year age group

Entrant #1 Little "N"

Entrant #2 Little "P"

Entrant #3 Little "E"

Entrant #4 little "K"

Entrant #5 Little "R"

Entrant #6 Little "M"

Here are the entrants for the 3-5 year age group

Entrant 1 is "R"

Entrant #2 (and #3) "A and B"

Entrant #4 "J"

Here are the entrants in the 5-9 years group.

Entrant #1 "B"

Entrant #2 is "L"

Entrant #3 is "B"

There were no entrants in the 10-12 age range.

Again thank you all for entering, and Good Luck!



Anonymous said...

this is soo fun but can people vote just once?

Anonymous said...

Y can you only vote one time??

Marie said...

You can vote once on each computer.

Anonymous said...

so, who won??

Marie said...

The winners are listed on the main page of the blog at